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Mariam Abdinur – Contributing Poet

“I loved reading and storytelling from a young age” – that typical storyline of people who have evolved to seriously take on creative writing, is what Mariam Abdinur stated about herself.

Her love affair with poetry started in senior one and before long, there were many poems to her credit. Her poetry manifests intimate relationship with her creation and she reveals that much:
“I use poetry to express myself and be in touch with my inner self.”
The personality that Mariam Abdinur looks up to and emulates for his writing style is Rudy Francisco. In, Rudy is described as “… an American spoken word poet and amateur author” who has won several awards on poetry slams and written six books.

Mariam is passionate about video creation, which she has used well to have presence online, particularly YouTube and Instagram. She has her own YouTube channel – Maryannour – where she occasionally uploads self-created visual poems, one of the recent being “When is Enough Enough?”. In Instagram she has uploaded several of her own poems. Visit: seafoam_green100 on Instagram to check it out.

As a student, Mariam was very enthusiastic at out – of – classroom learning projects that engaged and challenged students to think like there is no box and to be creative in writing. Mariam and her peers, many of whom feature in this upcoming anthology, left mark for themselves at PMM Girls’ School. One of their remarkable learning projects was of jointly writing a fantasy storybook which they used to inspire their peers and primary kids to start writing stories. Mariam was also instrumental in creating the Facebook page, PMM Girls’ Teen Writers in which its members posted fresh poems from time to time.

At her young age of 21 years, Mariam already dreams big: “I hope to make a poetry collection and publish them.”

She is currently doing a course in journalism at Global Institute in Jinja where she lives with her family. She loves reading, and like many others of her age, watching movies. She is very interested in activism and making communities better, addressing environmental and feminist issues and, of course, video making.



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