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Poetry anthology contributor – Palvy Badhan

At prime age of 20 years, Palvy Badhan is already a prolific poet with over a hundred and sixty poems (and counting!!) To her credit in a space of only about three years!

Her love for poetry began in 2017 by listening to the songs of Satinder Sartaaj the great Indian singer, actor, poet, and song writer famed for his performances in Punjabi language.

“They were so beautifully written and there is a certain kind of joy and satisfaction in his voice while he sung.” Clearly it has rubbed in Palvy’s elegant and captivating poetry.  “That was the time I first fell head over heels in love with poetry and I went on to listen to other poets through internet. One and half year later, I found myself writing my first poem, “Tick Tock” and I haven’t stopped writing ever since.”

The rewards of poetry in Palvy’s personal life have perhaps been much greater than she bargained for: in her younger age, she was greatly challenged by dyslexia “…but ever since I began writing poems, I have an entirely different relationship with words in a very positive way,” she stated.

According to Palvy, there is a great romance between a poet and poetry. “Hold on to that and just go with the flow,” she stated. “Poetry is where I can deposit all my sorrows, capture my happy moments, give rest to my wonders, cool down my anger and find my solitude a great company.”

As a student at PMM Girls’ School, she was involved with her peers in creative writing and engaging primary students in out-of-school learning projects.

Now that she has completed secondary education, she has found more time to indulge in her hobbies of reading, cooking, designing, and meditating.  She is currently learning fashion designing from her mother. What about her future with poetry?

“I hope to write thousands of poems.”




    Faith Charity Otaget

    September 26, 2022Reply

    Wow this is so beautiful….I have always been a big fan of your poems and I know your love for poetry is too strong to die out….big ups little one💪💪m looking upto more beautiful poems from you..

    Faith Charity Otaget

    September 26, 2022Reply

    Wow this is so beautiful….I am a big fan and i have always loved your poems…you are such a talented young girl…your poems ring volumes in my mind…..I love your creativity and passion….Go galll…looking upto more beautiful poems from u…thumbs up for u👍👍n more wins💪💪

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