Chole Richard

Poetry anthology contributor – Wandawa

“I was inspired by my former English teacher in primary Mr. Ganafa Bashir and later on by my former literature teacher Mr. Chole Richard of PMM Girls’ school”, states Wandawa Samantha, 18 years old.

Peer influence and the many creativity learning activities of her classmates must have also greatly influenced her to participate in poetry. It propelled her to pick a pen and paper to make statement about the hardship that African children are confronted with in her poem, “A Child is a Seedling”. It was performed at a school event and now found to be worth including in this upcoming anthology.

She hopes to use poetry as a main means of communicating to a global audience. She encourages young people, teenagers and even adults to lead exemplary lives, adding that good things take time.

Wandawa Samantha, who loves rapping as well, is spending her senior six vacation in Jinja, preoccupied with setting flowers for sale as her part time job.



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