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Final laps

Tuesday 30th November and Wednesday 1st December 2021 have been two very busy days for me and editor of the anthology, Kaigo Betty.

For over a month, all has been silent with not much activity towards publication of this upcoming anthology – save for a few behind-the-scenes communications. But now the two aforementioned days have been bustling with activities to get the anthology ready for print.

We settled to have one last look at the poems just to see that all the words are the right ones in the right places in their rightful orders. It was such a refreshing experience with the poems which left us feeling exhilarated.

We already have in place an insightful preview of the anthology by a well cultivated mind in matters of literary creativity – Samuel Iga Zinunula. More about that later!

On Wednesday 1st December, we clinched a deal with New Vision to have first batch of 1300 copies to be printed. You are welcome to follow up that development with us! December promises to be a good month!

And before I forget, we now have a title for the anthology – “A Child is a Seedling” – the very same title of the poem by Kakaire Samantha, a contributing poet. After lots of thinking and brainstorming on several candidate titles, we concluded that none of them best captures a major transcending issue of this anthology like the title, “A Child is a Seedling”. We leave that for you to find out …

In photo with Martin Alvin Walugembe, the Sales Executive, The New Vision. (Middle in suit)



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