Chole Richard

Infusion of feminism – The catalyst dance changing the world.

WATCHING THE AMAZING DANCE OF THE TRIO, MARIE, LILLY, AND DASSY bears to mind how for centuries, women oppression, suppression, and deprivation have denied us authentic female experience to richly spice our lives in all its aspects! Perhaps, I should have first alluded to the mesmerizing formation dance of the Mayyas who charmed their way into thousands of hearts to win America’s Got Talent 2022. They spoke of deprivation and difficulties of women to creatively express themselves in their home country, Lebanon. The Mayyas had to find their way to a foreign stage to be recognized, validated, and be able to give their best to the world.

Rumours have it that some powerful men from the radically conservative, patriarchal societies sneak secretly to the west and other freer societies to loosen themselves and enjoy the fruits of liberty, then get back to their own country with the male chauvinistic coats once again on, (complete with a hard face and a frown to match) and continue keeping their own women and the lesser men at their places of accord, controlled and deprived.

Hypocrisy is symptomatic of a desire to set self free from a design of your own faltering convictions, but probably you do not know how, or too afraid to do so. You’ve seen, heard, or directly experienced better things, but you are still trapped in a contrary belief system that you’ve publicly professed as the alpha and omega of truth. How can you now say it isn’t? It takes formidable courage. That’s why these men sneak!

That said, patriarchy and masculinity have been the vanguard of humanity from the beginning through thick and thin. But now their relevance is in shortage. It’s cracking and dissolving by the force of a new energy. Like a plant that can’t stay still in the soil, authentic woman experience is rising to embrace the sunlight!

I believe, the inevitable future is not patriarchy or masculinity. It’s not going to be in the hands of a rising matriarch or feminism either. The future will be entirely different but with foundation in dissolution and infusion of both gender identities. A molding that for now will be like a salsa dance or modern pulsing backstreet dances of young energy with moves that blur the margin between male and female. It will eventually mature into new fusion. Something perhaps androgynous for a start, perhaps colorful with shades of grey in countless variety inlaid by pixels of individuality. Classifying it will be increasingly difficult. Something pointing to indescribable, unknown future dance.

You better start learning salsa and backstreet dance moves now if you want to belong to that of the future.



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