Chole Richard


About the Poetry Anthology

A copy of A Child is a Seedling

A CHILD IS A SEEDLING is an anthology of poems by young ladies of various backgrounds who are either alumnae or continuing students of PMM Girls’ School located in Jinja city, Uganda.

The anthology is outcome of Chole Richard’s long-time engagement with his students in learning programs and activities that challenged, inspired, and empowered them to go beyond the traditional examination-driven studies to lifelong learning experiences of creating and impacting lives through writing.

Fired up by his students’ high-quality poems relative to their age and experience, Chole resolved to one time collect the finest of them to be published. He could see a potential for greater things in the young poets if well supported.

While the Coronavirus Pandemic ravaged and held the whole world at ransom, a team including Chole Richard the curator, Betty Kaigo the editor, Alex Muleke the painter, Emmanuel the photographer, the poets and host of other persons who played certain roles in the anthology converged to work collaboratively online, and occasionally face-to-face where possible.

It has been a painstaking work that is now complete with 46 authentic and youthful poems of 16 poets for you to explore. Up to 22 of the poems have been illustrated with original oil paintings specially for the anthology.

A CHILD IS A SEEDLING is now available at only 25,000 Uganda Shillings.